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“If you want a healthy population, do it through food …. and make it TASTY!” 

~ Dr Daniel Lim, 2013



Welcome to Café Seventy, a one-of-a-kind complete nutrition eatery. Café Seventy first opened its doors in 2015. Our Bukit Merah Branch serves up Chef-prepared foods, with choices even for diabetics, hypertension, obese and cancer sufferers. The Café Seventy concept started in 2012 as part of the Future Foods Project with a team of renowned scientists, doctors and nutritionists. The journey began because non-communicable diseases and health care costs are on the rise. Moreover, to eat responsibly and nutritiously is increasingly inconvenient, sometimes even impossible.

Why is Complete Nutrition Important?

The complete range of essential nutrients are vital to good organ function. Since our bodies cannot make these nutrients or synthesize them sufficiently, we need to obtain them through eating and drinking. Our organs (i.e. heart, brain, kidney) depend on these nutrients to function. If all our organs function well, we generally stay healthy and the risks to many health problems significantly reduces.

Café Seventy, with the help of some of the world’s most advanced food technologies, seeks to ensure that the complete range of essential nutrients are present in some of our foods and drinks so that your healthy lifestyle becomes much more convenient. Even diabetics, cancer patients and sufferers of some allergies will be able to eat out at Café Seventy*.

Café Seventy taps upon some of the most advanced food and nutrition technologies created by a team of world renowned scientists, doctors and nutritionists.  Several key technologies worth mentioning include Advanced SynergyTM, VitaTechTM, Pro@Flim BioactivesTM and OxygenPlusTM. “Essential nutrients have to be ingested because the body generally cannot make them…” The complete range of essential nutrients are vital to good organ function. When all our organs function well, we fall sick less, perform better, and lower the risks to many health & wellness problems. Today, Café Seventy is the first of its kind Complete Nutrition Café Franchise Concept that properly synergizes the nutrients into regular food, keeping them safe by maintaining a stringent regulatory & auditing process.

So why “Seventy”?

As a ballpark, seventy percent of our health & wellness conditions are related to how and what we eat and drink.

     “If only we could eat healthy conveniently, affordably and it is still tasty, then I’ll be happy to eat healthy,” remarked one of our founders – and so the challenge began!

To make all this possible, Café Seventy is backed by some of the world’s most advanced food technologies aimed at encouraging healthy lifestyles.

For example, Advanced SynergyTM  helps synergize the complete range of essential nutrients into regular-looking food and drinks – this process is very strictly regulated to ensure safety. Taste Bud ActivationTM makes foods tasty even with the use of low salt. VitaTechTM allows vitamins to retain efficacy even at food processing temperatures and hot drinks. OxygenPlusTM aims at increasing cell-oxygen levels. There are a few more technologies worth checking out, and several more in the pipeline


Today, Café Seventy’s signature Nutrition Cappuccino and Nutrition Mocha Shakes have been given the “must try” by food bloggers. Café Seventy will continue to expand its range of diabetic friendly and anti-inflammatory & low toxin menu. Café Seventy has been commended by the Society of Nutrition, Health & Fitness as “Truly innovative and completely nutritious!,” and received the Singapore Trusted Brand Award in 2015.

We hope you will support Café Seventy’s endeavour towards more complete and nutritious meals as part of our continued effort to encourage healthier lifestyles and address the growing health concerns at societal levels.




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